Meet Our Coaches

Calum Giles
Olympic Hockey Player
Owner of Stickwise

Honours: Hampshire, all age groups.
South England under 14, 16, 18 and 21 x 3.
England Under 21
England and Great Britain Senior
Sponsors: Ritual Hockey, Asics and Barrington Sports
Hobbies: Golf, handicap 4
Favourites: Film: Star Wars, all!
Place: South Africa
Food: Mexican Burritos
Interesting Fact: A rule of hockey was changed because of me.

Tommy Alexander

Honours: Scotland, Goalkeeper of the Tournament, European Cup 2017
Sponsor: Y1 Sport, Specialist Sports Shoes, Mercian
Hobbies: Table Tennis, Top Golf, Eating, Movies, and stand up comedy (Watching)
Film: Training Day, The Other Guys
Place: Hockey Pitch, Hong Kong and London
Food: Pizza
Interesting Fact: I had a London ranking for Go Karting and can do back flips on a wake and snow board.

Lewis Prosser

Honours: Wales – 95 Caps, GB U21 Youth Olympics,
Current Captain Surbiton 1’s
Sponsor: Ritual, Barrington Sports, Nuzest, Compressport
Hobbies: Eating out, watching films and playing other sports
Film: Wedding Crashers
Place: Sotogrande
Food: Italian or Sushi
Interesting Fact: My Dad also played for and captained Wales and Great Britain.

Andy Pett

Honours: England u18 and u16.
Basingstoke, City of Portsmouth, Havant and Teddington
Sponsor: Ritual Hockey
Hobbies: Playing sports and socialising
Favourites: Film: The Gladiator
Place: Melbourne
Food: Italian
Interesting Fact: I once had a UK ranking for sprinting

Sophie Robertson

Honours: Wimbledon
Sponsor: Ritual
Hobbies: Netball, skiing, cooking and reading
Film: The Holiday
Place: Bali
Food: Italian
Interesting Fact: One of the following facts is true;
I can Juggle
I hate spiders
I can touch my nose with my toungue

Zach Wallace

Honours: Great Britain Under 21’s, England Under 16′ & 18’s, Surbiton 1st Team
Sponsor: Ritual Hockey, Barrington Sports
Hobbies: Golf, films, eating.
Film: The Dark Knight
Place: South Africa, Ireland
Food: American, Italian
Interesting Fact: My dad played for Ireland but I have chosen to play for England.


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