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Ritual Origin 95 Specialist 2016 Review

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

The 2016 Ritual Specialist Origin 95 completely blew me away. The first chance I had to use it was at the first of my Stickwise summer camps at Reeds back in August. I’ve always preferred the Specialist out of all the Ritual ranges. Partly because as a drag flicker I love the bow, but more so as I believe it has the most power of the ranges.

I used the stick all morning while coaching the top group at the camp, knowing that the real test would come at lunchtime when the coaches take part in “goal or no goal”. This is where resident Stickwise goalkeeper coach Tommy Alexander stands between the posts and the coaches then try (often with little success) to score past an incredibly talented goalkeeper.

My first shot of the session was incredible. The ball shot over Tommy’s shoulder like a missile into the roof of the net, Tommy never even moved. I looked at the stick in disbelief. The stick had somehow managed to increase it’s power over its predecessor from the year before.

Very excited I took more shots and the stick consistently produced outrageous power and managed to maintain the accuracy of my shots.

I said in my last blog the Specialist 1 was the best stick I had ever used, but within a few weeks I have to now confess that the new Origin 95 is another class above itself.

I recently played for the Hockey for Heroes team in a 3-2 win against the England Masters. I used the stick and had no problems using the stick in normal game play and scored 2 from 3 corners.

I would throughly recommend this stick as I believe there isn’t a stick out there that can compete with it both for performance and the price tag.

The stick doesn’t just have new colours and a more modern look, it also have a seriously improved performance as well.

Just watch the video taken of myself shooting at the Stickwise target zoner.

A big thank you as always to @ritualhockey and @barringtonsport for supporting myself and Stickwise.

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