Hi Calum

Matthew has just made it into a fiercely competitive U14 Middlesex squad.

Thanks for being a large and long part of the journey to inspiring him to achieve his best and create his love for hockey. You and your Stickwise team rock!


Mike Aiton

Hi Cal,

First of all thank you so much for making this week such a success with my kids.

Not only they loved the camp but winning the prizes was such a huge boost to their confidence and it really meant a lot to them (especially to Isabelle who is so shy and under confident). They are both incredibly excited about coming back next time!

Elena, Reeds

Dear Mr Calum Giles,

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU so much for accepting Hakeem for your stick Wise camp he thoroughly enjoyed the camp!
It helped him further his skills and his passion for Hockey!
He still has his dreams on becoming one of the best Goal keepers in the country…He is working on it all the time (Smile).
Hope to meet up with you again in the near future…Thanks Again…and congratulations on a great exciting camp!

Hockeem (Hakeem) & Jacqueline, Eltham

Dear Cal,

Alex had a great time. Little nervous at first but he settled in well and made new friends and was excited to go back the next day and get more great tips and have lots more fun with his ‘awesome’ coaches. Thanks guys.
Tom, Havant


I have been meaning to drop you an email following the girls attendance at the Reeds Xmas hockey camp.  Both Charlotte and Eleanor has a great time and both are very keen to try the next camp and play more hockey, both at school and outside.

Personally I was very impressed with the professionalism of the  set-up, the quality of the coaching and the fact the kids clearly all wanted to be there and get as much out of the days as possible.  I can see why  people re-book subsequent camps. Thanks again,
Andrea, Reeds

Hockey Clubs

A fair few of our kids have attended Stickwise camps and the positive affect it has on them is clear. Levels of ability, confidence and understanding of the game all increase. Not only that, they always speak about Calum, his coaches and their sessions with excitement and fondness. They provide a great service and compliment our club’s coaching very well indeed.
Chichester Hockey Club U-8s coach.

Children’s verdict

Yeah! I love Stickwise, I can’t wait until the next camp.
Lucy, Havant

Stickwise camps are cool, because they’re lots of fun and you learn new tricks. When I went back to my club sessions I was much better than before.
Alex, Havant


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